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Dear Boris – this week’s guidance from your critical friend…

Dear Boris, After last week’s turmoil, it looks like you’ve had another very difficult week! I sincerely hope that you are coping with the competing pressures that you and your team are facing at the moment. I’m sure that you will agree, your performance over the past two weeks falls into the category of ‘could do […]

Dear Boris – The Latest Perspective from your Critical Friend…

Dear Boris, “Your create your own universe as you go along!” – Winston Churchill As your critical friend, you will not be surprised that my advisory this week is dominated by observations of your handling of the Dominic Cummings’ debacle. Your Chief Advisor’s well reported travel from London to Durham (and surrounding area), whilst exposed to COVID-19, have […]

Dear Boris – from your Critical Friend….

Dear Boris, Having recently shared my thoughts – as your critical friend – on how you might strengthen your leadership during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, I thought I would check in with my latest observations. The positive news is that ten weeks into this crisis, we now know that we can contain the spread of the virus, […]

A Letter to Boris ….

Our MD, Ian Jones, shares his thoughts with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the progress he is making as we continue to battle COVID19 in the UK…. Dear Boris, Firstly, please accept my thanks for everything you and your team are doing to help the UK overcome the challenges brought on by COVID19. I guess […]

Leading in a Crisis – The Highlights

Following the two videos posted during April 2020 on ‘Leading through a Crisis’. we have assembled a much shorter version drawing out the key highlights. In this version, our Managing Director, Ian Jones, and Senior Associate, Euan McMurdo, explore the golden rules of business continuity planning and lessons learnt from personal experiences of leading in […]

Adapting to the New Normal

At Devereaux Kelly Associates (DKA) we understand that when we get back to “business as usual” – or whatever the new normal looks like – what once was usual might be very different. These are unprecedented times, and for many businesses go well beyond managing business continuity or implementing contingency plans. The way we plan […]

Leading Through a Crisis – Emotional Intelligence & Cultural Awareness

Following on from our recent interview with Euan McMurdo, previously UK Logistics Director for Royal Mail, we share some insights on the importance of leaders understanding and adopting emotional intelligence and cultural awareness in pursuit of followership, effective crisis management and delivering value across a multi-faceted supply chain. Euan, also a Senior Associate with Devereaux Kelly Associates,...

Leading Through a Crisis: A Personal Perspective

During these times of unprecedented change, our Managing Director, Ian Jones, talks with Euan McMurdo, a Senior Associate at Devereaux Kelly Associates, about his experience in leading business continuity planning and ‘keeping the show on the road’ during times of crisis. Euan has extensive experience, working at a senior executive level in global and FTSE100 […]