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Our Services

What we do

Drawing on our years of experience as practitioners in the world of business transformation, we provide independent support and practical advice to public, private and not for profit organisations.

We work alongside you and your organisation to assure your strategic direction, and to help design, develop, plan and successfully deploy your major change and transformation programmes in a sustainable way.

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Portfolio Reviews

Is your organisation overloaded with change programmes and projects, all competing for limited resources?

We provide independent critique and support to help you optimise the value and return on investments planned in the major change area, including providing assurance around target operating model, route map and strategy alignment, conducting portfolio reviews / project readiness assessments, supporting investment prioritisation and enabling business case development.

Change Management

People will inevitably be at the heart of your transformation programme.

Taking them on the journey – or not – will make or break your programme.

We help you manage change effectively and efficiently – testing your change load and engagement plans, providing support for your approach to employee relations and industrial relations, as well as ensuring that your performance management processes are robust and aligned to corporate strategy and the transformation programme’s goals.

Coaching & Development

It’s often a lonely place as a leader in the transformation world.

Drawing on our extensive leadership experience and track record of successfully delivering major change, we offer 121 development coaching for project sponsors, project managers and other executives involved in the transformation.

In addition, we have a proven background in developing professional resources to support current and future transformation. As project professionals, we can draw on the Association for Project Management’s ‘Body of Knowledge’ and development programmes to support your organisation in creating a professional and sustainable in-house change capability.


As we often say at Devereaux Kelly Associates, “Governance is our Friend”!

We help you establish your portfolio, programme and project management offices, ensuring that control tools and project life cycle processes are in place, alongside an effective approach to stakeholder management, people engagement, highlight reports and project board meetings.

We support your risk assessments, ensure a holistic approach is taken to establishing the risks that may impede both project delivery and your corporate reputation. Working with sponsors and management teams we will ensure that preventative actions and resources are in place to avoid major issues materialising in-flight.

Project Assurance

We recognise that in-flight projects and programmes can often go off track, with cost overruns, schedule delays and failure to leverage the planned value.

We provide an impartial assessment to help you get back on track, highlighting the root causes of delays and recommendations on remedial action. Given our role as ‘critical friend’, we can also provide an objective and independent view on whether a project has ultimately reached the end of the road and now needs to be canned!

Other Services

We also offer other support and practical advice in areas such as corporate governance, corporate risk management, cost reduction initiatives, internal audit, continuous improvement, 5S, diversity and inclusion programmes, and scenario planning.

We help you to understand disruption in your environment, using proven methodologies such as horizon scanning, qualitative and quantitative research and strategic reframing. We can generate insights in an informative and creative way to explore possible, probable and preferable futures. We can develop scenarios to test current assumptions, trends and strategy, helping you to tell stories about the future.