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UK employment outlook

2020 has been a challenging year on many fronts. Not least in the UK employment market where the impact has already been huge, despite the extensive and commendable levels of support available from the UK Government. Sadly the position is expected to worsen during the early part of 2021, as the economy starts its slow […]

Can we talk about the future?

Until recently, you were running a very successful business. You had a plan in place to grow further and had worked out how to win …. but then the pandemic comes along. This wasn’t part of the plan! Uncertainty is now greater than ever. The context for business has changed and the route you previously […]

Our Proposition

A unique team of award-winning and professionally qualified practitioners, providing independent support for the successful delivery of major change and highly complex transformation across the public, private and not for profit sectors. Having walked in the shoes of our clients, we are experts in successfully planning, designing and delivering people, process and infrastructure change on […]

How do organisations plan in these uncertain times?

A recent survey by CGMA Advantage (July’20) highlighted the impact that the pandemic is having on the strategic plans of an organisation: – 41% said that their strategy needs updating in response to the pandemic– 24% said they are crafting a new strategy to reflect the new realities of business– 17% are awaiting the long-term […]

8 symptoms of bureaucratic breakdown

Browsing through some old books, I came across the following extract from Beyond Bureaucracy by Derek Sheane – I think it’s as relevant to organisations today as they adapt and reinvent, as it was 40 years ago… 8 symptoms of bureaucratic breakdown: The Invisible Decision – no transparency Unfinished Business – too many outstanding tasks […]

Dear Boris – this week’s guidance from your critical friend…

Dear Boris, After last week’s turmoil, it looks like you’ve had another very difficult week! I sincerely hope that you are coping with the competing pressures that you and your team are facing at the moment. I’m sure that you will agree, your performance over the past two weeks falls into the category of ‘could do […]

Dear Boris – The Latest Perspective from your Critical Friend…

Dear Boris, “Your create your own universe as you go along!” – Winston Churchill As your critical friend, you will not be surprised that my advisory this week is dominated by observations of your handling of the Dominic Cummings’ debacle. Your Chief Advisor’s well reported travel from London to Durham (and surrounding area), whilst exposed to COVID-19, have […]

Dear Boris – from your Critical Friend….

Dear Boris, Having recently shared my thoughts – as your critical friend – on how you might strengthen your leadership during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, I thought I would check in with my latest observations. The positive news is that ten weeks into this crisis, we now know that we can contain the spread of the virus, […]